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Natalie & The Light Switch

The light switch is us. It is you and I.

The light that shines is our self love, awareness and consciousness.

It is our ability to rise, evolve and thrive.

It is our compassion, understanding and clarity.

It is our ability to connect, accept and heal.

This light is within us; it is around us, it is us - We are all connected by light and energy. We are all able to heal ourselves, our planet and each other. We can all heal, and facilitate healing, on multiple levels.


The beauty of Reiki is pure and simple, yet multi-faceted. 

Reiki is a deeper connection and awareness to our soul; enabling us to shed what doesn't serve us. A connection to strengthen our bond to our heart, opening our mind and trusting our intuition; giving us clarity to move forward positively in life. With peace and oneness in our life force energy, we can share and facilitate the healing power that we hold, with others. 

Although I have always felt a connection to the energy of others and a oneness with lifes' spirit around us, it wasn't until I began receiving Reiki that something "switched on", guiding me inward, that I was able to to face, bring harmony, clarity and peace to the challenges that life presents - Deep fear, love, loss, grief, and physical and moral challenges. Situations we all face, in our own unique depth and process.

As a Reiki Master and TeacherI have studied the traditions of both Western and Japanese Reiki lineages. Originating with the self enlightenment, oneness and realised shared healing abilities of Mikao Usui, a Buddhist scholar; as well as the evolved light taken to the Western world by Hawaiian, Hawayo Takata after she was physically rejuvenated by the loving energy of Reiki.

I am a member of the UK Reiki Federation, recognised as a Reiki Master and Reiki Master Teacher - Ensuring that my lineage, training, practice and teaching methods are of genuine origins and adhere to  professional conduct.


The continually evolving strength in my connection to the energy within and around us, has brought my journey here, to The Light Switch - To assist in your journey of peace, clarity and light. 


Based in Dunton Green and central Sevenoaks, Kent; for Reiki sessions, Reiki courses, and Reiki shares for those already attuned.  

I can't wait to meet you on your journey


The Light Switch

Reiki Training & Lineage

Usui Shiki Ryoho - Western

Mikao Usui

Chujiro Hayashi

Hawayo Takata

Phyllis Lei Furumoto

Carrel Ann Farmer

Leah Smith

William Lee Rand

Penelope Quest

Torsten Lange

Brighitta Moser-Clark

Natalie Davis

Usui Reiki Ryoho - Japanese

Mikao Usui

Taketomi Kanichi

Hiroshi Doi

Frans Stiene

Torsten Lange

Brighitta Moser-Clark

Natalie Davis

Reiki Master Teacher

London Road, Dunton Green & Dartford Road , Sevenoaks, Kent, TN13

UK Reiki Federation Member

Registered Reiki Master Teacher 


Reiki Master - Reiki Teacher

Sevenoaks, Kent

London Road, Dunton Green & Dartford Road, Sevenoaks, Kent TN13

Sevenoaks, Kent 

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